Healthy snacks to keep you alive after the great outdoors

We’ve all heard the saying, and it seems apt after a few months in the wilderness, “The best things in life are free”.

And when it comes to snacks, that’s exactly right. 

As it is, most of us spend our days at work, at home or at the beach, consuming our favourite snack to help keep us going as the seasons go on.

But there’s one type of snack that will help you stay healthy for the long haul, and that’s the healthy snacks to avoid. 

How much do healthy snacks cost?

Here are the basic costs and calories, in just a few easy-to-understand categories. 

Coca Cola: 100 calories per serving. 

Fruit juice: 250 calories per 100ml bottle. 

Milk: 100g. 

Jelly beans: 100gm. 

Powdered sugar: 250g. Sugarcane Jam: 40 calories per jar. 

Snacks: 2 small bags each of fruit, dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and dried herbs. 

Lunch or dinner: 50g.