Healthy late night snack: Healthy late evening snack: 7 ways to keep your weight in check

In an age where everyone wants to lose weight and we are obsessed with Instagram, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and tips.

And if you are a healthy eater, it’s a good idea to stick to the basics, whether it’s your daily routine or a healthy breakfast or lunch, to avoid overeating. 

A healthy mid-morning snack, says nutritionist and food blogger Katie Tisdale, is the perfect snack for you if you want to keep the weight off, even if you’ve got a busy life and don’t have the time to work out at the gym.

Here are seven healthy midmorning snacks to help you maintain your weight and get back into shape.


Oatmeal with peanut butter, coconut cream, and raisins Oatmeal is a classic breakfast and a great snack when you want a quick snack with your morning coffee.

You can add some peanut butter to your oatmeal to keep it light and creamy.

The raisin and nutmeg taste great together.


A light and healthy bowl of cereal with oatmeal, fruit, and chia seeds This bowl of oatmeal is filled with cereal, fruit and chocolates, which are both healthy and high in nutrients. 

The cereal is rich in fiber and protein, which helps to keep you full throughout the day. 


The healthy oatmeal with banana, coconut milk, and peanut butter This oatmeal bowl is packed with healthy fats and is packed full of protein and healthy fats.

You’ll also get your daily dose of fiber. 


A bowl of fresh fruit, nuts, and berries Fresh fruit, berries, and coconut are all good choices when it comes to eating healthy snacks. 


The Healthy Breakfast with oat milk, peanut butter and raisin This breakfast bowl is made with oats and peanut butters, which is packed high in protein and vitamin A. You’re also going to get your morning cup of joe. 


The Oatmeal and Chia Bowl This healthy oat bowl is filled and loaded with oaks and chives.

It’s packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 


The Smoothie with ooey gooey coconut cream and peanut Butter This smoothie is packed packed with oozey coconut, peanut butts, and protein.

The protein is a little on the dry side but is very high in antioxidants and healthy fat. 

Katie Tisdales’ Top 7 Healthy Mid-Morning Snacks: Overnight oats and peanutbutters 1.

Overnight oats This is the simplest of the seven healthy options for your mid-afternoon snack, with overnight oats packed with oats and pecans, chia seed, and walnuts, which makes it a great choice if you’re not keen on a bowl of oats.2.

Oat and almond milk Oat and almonds are packed with vitamin A and fiber, so you’ll feel full and healthy throughout the night.

They’re also rich in magnesium and calcium.3.

Oats and raisa These smoothies are filled with healthy nuts and seeds and contain a great deal of protein, so it’s great for people who are trying to lose the weight and are on a low-carb diet.4.

Omelet with peanut butter and raiso This delicious omelet is packed filled with peanutbutter, raisines, and oats, so your oats and raissins will have a satisfying taste.5.

Oiled oatmeal and raise This easy oatmeal recipe is packed of oats and roasted raisings.

It has lots of fiber, calcium, and antioxidants, so if you need to keep things light on your weight, this is a great option.6.

Ooey and coconut cream This simple oatmeal omelette is loaded with oats, coconut, raisin, and nuts, so this omelettes will have plenty of fiber and vitamin B-12. 

Almonds and walnut milk are also great choices if you don’t want to feel full all day long.7.

Ounce of coconut cream with raisinis and oatmeal This coconut cream is packed in oatmeal but packed with raisin and oat seeds, so the coconut cream will help to keep everything light and delicious. 

These healthy midafternoon snacks can be found at many health food stores. 

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