How To Get More Weight Gain Without Taking Diet Soda

“My son and I both use Diet Coke.

It’s the one product that I can count on,” says Mary Anne Korn, president of the California Women’s Sports Foundation.

“But if you’re really looking for the most calorie-dense and sweetest of the lot, the only thing that comes to mind is ice cream.”

It’s not just the calories that keep women from exercising.

“It’s the taste,” Korn says.

“If you eat a Diet Coke you’re not really hungry, you’re probably not feeling hungry.”

The best way to prevent weight gain?

Eat less.

But for those who need a little extra help, consider these foods: • Pots, pans, or ceramic utensils that hold ice.

These may not be the most popular choice, but they’re a good way to reduce your intake of soda.

• Oven-baked cookies or pastries.

“I love them,” says Kim Davis, who runs the blog Diet and Fitness.

“They’re quick and easy and don’t need a whole bunch of ingredients.

I like to put them on top of a muffin and it’s like a mini-bake.”

• Chocolate chips.

“The thing that really keeps people motivated is to eat them in the morning,” says Michelle Gazzaniga, a registered dietitian and a certified personal trainer.

“For me, a couple of days after eating them I felt like I was gaining weight.”

• Coffee.

“That is one of my favorite foods, coffee,” says Korn.

“There’s nothing better than a mug of java.”

• Oatmeal.

“Oatmeal is the ultimate healthy snack,” says Gazzariga.

“You can eat a lot of it.”

• A bowl of pasta.

“A bowl of this will get you going, it’ll get you full and ready to start your day,” she says.

• A muffin with cream cheese frosting.

“Try not to get all fancy with the frosting,” says Davis.

“Just use a plain vanilla muffin or a rich chocolatey one.”

• An ice cream cone or a small container of ice cream.

“Some people like to have a cone with ice cream, and that’s fine, but if you really want it to be as healthy as possible, then you should be adding a few tablespoons of cream cheese to it,” says Breslin.

“Also, if you like to eat something that’s not a diet staple, you can make an ice cream sandwich and enjoy it in the summertime.”

You can follow more of these tips at the link below: • The top 5 reasons you should get a diet soda for weight loss.

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