What to eat in the dark for a healthy sleep?

If you don’t want to wake up to a bunch of caffeine in your system, you might want to consider avoiding the most dangerous night-time snacks: high-calorie snacks.

You can also limit your caffeine intake during the day.

The reason: high caffeine makes you feel tired, and the more you consume, the more your body will metabolize it, which will make you feel fatigued.

So if you want to feel more rested, avoid high-energy snacks like soft drinks, soda, coffee and chocolate.

And don’t feel bad if you’re drinking coffee and taking a hit.

It’s probably not your fault.

In fact, research shows that drinking coffee in moderation will help you sleep better.

But if you don, you’re probably also putting yourself at risk for chronic insomnia.

Here are some tips for staying safe during the night.