Why are some snacks healthy and some unhealthy?

“I think they’re great, they’re nutritious,” she said.

I’ve never had any issues with that. “

There’s no harm in taking a snack.

I’ve never had any issues with that.

I think you have to be careful of what you eat.”

  The woman also suggested avoiding sweets, like cookies, and other sugary treats.

“If you eat sugar, you’re not going to get any weight off of that,” she added.

They’re good for you, but if you want to do something fun like eat a cake or something like that, you can do that. “

I don’t think you can ever really put down sweets.

That’s a healthy snack.” “

You’re going to feel really satisfied if you have a snack with a little bit of fruit or a cup of tea or something.

That’s a healthy snack.”

The Fox News interview aired on Monday, Oct. 20, 2017.