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It’s the season of sweet potato and chocolate.

They’re also great healthy snacks.

But some people, especially those with diabetes, may not be in the mood to buy sweet potatoes and chocolate on a budget.

So here are some of the best healthy snacks to buy in the holiday season. 

It’s not just for adults, either.

There are some sweet potato recipes you can make at home, too.

Here’s a quick guide to make the sweet potato pie at home with some of these healthier snacks for the whole family.

And for more healthy snacks ideas, see below.

If you’re looking for a healthy snack that’s also delicious, try this sweet potato-based soup. 

You’ll be so glad you did! 

It includes sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, green beans, parsley and thyme.

It’s made with only three ingredients: butter, flour and sugar.

It makes an amazing side dish or a side salad.

It makes a wonderful snack for your next holiday party or special occasion.

You’ll love the variety of flavors! 

You can also make it with any of the ingredients in this recipe: coconut oil, coconut milk, maple syrup, cornstarch and honey. 

Get more healthy snack recipes with this list.