How to buy healthy snacks without costing Costco, health claims study finds

Health claims costs Costco healthy snacks about $5 per person per day.

A study from health claims firm Health Claim Analytics shows the company has a low failure rate when it comes to claiming that the items are healthier than other brands.

The study also found that Costco was able to successfully claim that products that it sells are the cheapest in the industry.

Health claims are typically used to compare products.

Costco is the biggest health care provider in the US, and has been a pioneer in the healthy eating movement.

However, in recent years, the company started to focus more on marketing to consumers.

The company said in a statement that its goal is to help people make healthier food choices that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Health claim companies typically collect data about consumer purchases through online surveys.

In a statement, Costco said that the survey results are based on a survey of customers who have paid for Costco-branded products or who have purchased health care related products from Costco in the past 12 months.

It said that data collected from the survey was anonymized and that it did not collect personally identifiable information.

The report from Health Claim Analysts found that health claims cost Costco healthy snack prices were higher than competitors, which means the company is more likely to claim that the product is healthier than another brand.

The firm found that in the six months that Costco’s online health claims marketplace was active, it claimed that more than 10% of its customers paid more for health food items.

Costco said in the statement that it would be working to improve its online claims marketplace and to make it more accessible.