Food prices are rising in Israel, according to the Jerusalem Post

In Israel, consumers are paying more for their food than ever before, according a report by the Jerusalem Businessweek, which cited a survey from the Israeli Food and Agriculture Ministry.

The survey found that a typical household would spend an average of 7.3% of their income on groceries, while a typical Israeli family would spend around 3.5%.

“Israel’s population is aging, and the elderly population is getting older,” the report said.

“With the number of seniors increasing, food prices are soaring.

There is also an increase in the costs of health care services, and that is affecting all aspects of the economy, especially food and drink.”

The report, titled “Food Prices are Rising in Israel,” found that prices for bread, potatoes, noodles, canned food and other items have increased in price in Israel by 5.2%, while those for dairy products and meat have increased by 10.4%.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the rise in prices is not because the government has been cutting subsidies or is cutting subsidies for food and drinks.

Rather, the report noted that food prices have been rising for several years now due to a lack of supply.

The country’s current supply crisis, in addition to the increasing number of elderly people in the country, has led to an increase of prices for fresh food and beverages, as well.

“People have to take on additional expenses, such as purchasing more expensive beverages, foods, and snacks to fill the gap,” said A.A. Galili, a senior economist at the Jerusalem-based think tank Israel Economics Institute.

“People have less disposable income, so they have to pay more for food.”

According to Galili’s report, food costs in Israel are rising more than 20% annually.

The Israeli Food Authority estimates that the country’s food bill will reach 2,400,000 shekels ($20,800) in 2019, up from 1,300,000 in 2018.

The amount of food in the market has also increased, with more than 200 million shekeles ($9.4 million) in 2016, up by 15% from the previous year.

In a statement to The Jerusalem Report, a spokeswoman for the Israel Food Authority told The Jerusalem Review that it is not possible to provide exact figures for the price increase, since the agency does not keep detailed information on individual products or products’ types.

She said that “the price of the average Israeli produce has increased by more than 30% in recent years,” and said that the agency is “very concerned about the rising price of food and its impact on the lives of the elderly.”