Target’s Healthy Night Snacks are costing Target shoppers $1,000 per year in health costs

Target has long struggled to compete with health products from companies like CVS and Walgreens.

Now the retail giant is trying to turn a profit by offering healthy snacks at its own stores.

According to a report from The Next Store, Target sells its own Healthy Night snacks at Target stores in the U.S. and Canada for $1.10 a piece.

That’s more than the $1 a piece cost of a typical boxed version of CVS or Walmart’s Walmart Healthy Snacks.

The Next Store also noted that Target sold about 40 million boxes of the Snack Bar at Target Stores in February, an increase of about $1 billion from the previous month.

It also noted Target has had a healthy snack business for years, but that Target has now made a concerted effort to focus on healthier options.

Target has been working to diversify its snack business with its new Healthy Night brand.

Earlier this year, the company introduced the Healthy Night snack bar, a boxed product with a shelf life of about five days, and it has also launched its Snack Food and Snack-Safe Snack bar.