Wal-Mart is selling healthy snack products for kids

LOS ANGELES — Wal-mart is selling healthier snack products and encouraging kids to eat healthier snacks, according to the company’s parent company, Wal-Marts.

The Healthy Snack Program was created to help kids eat healthy foods, said Chris Clements, president of Wal-Me, which has about 1.5 million stores in the United States.

Clements said that when kids go grocery shopping, they usually buy things like fruits and veggies, as well as the kind of foods they like to eat.

For example, kids are looking for a good salad or fruit sandwich, he said.

But that’s where it gets tricky.

Kids tend to eat junk food, he noted.

Clement said Wal-Men’s Club will also sell the products for parents to purchase for their kids.

That program, which began in October, has already started with the introduction of a Healthy Snacks Kids Club program at Wal-Eggs and other Wal-marts.

The new program will also be offered at Whole Foods Market, Clements said.

In addition, Wal‑Mart will offer the products at other stores.

They will be available at select Wal-Stores and in its own retail stores.

The company is also encouraging parents to start a healthy snack club, with the idea that it helps families make healthy choices, Cenges said.

The goal is to give kids more choices and to make them more comfortable with healthy choices.

“The new program is intended to make healthy snack choices available to families.

It is designed to help children make healthy snacks and snacks for their families easier, Cates said.