What’s the truth behind the ‘healthy sweet snack’ label?

The new healthy snack label for food is a lot more complicated than the original ‘healthy’ one that was created by the FDA in 1997.

It has changed its name from ‘healthy foods’ to ‘healthy snacks,’ with the ‘s’ standing for ‘sugar’ and the ‘d’ for ‘dietary.’

While the original “healthful snacks” label used a different color, the new label uses a different logo and name, with a “Healthy” logo that’s bigger than the “Health” logo.

The new labels are still labeled as ‘healthy,’ but the “health” logo is now a little smaller, and the “s” logo now stands for ‘syrup’ instead of ‘soda.’

The ‘Healthy’ logo is larger than the ‘Health’ logo.

(Photo: Food Safety News) The big change?

The new version of the label is also now called “Sugary” in the U.S. But that name is not the same as the old version of “healthy foods,” which used to be called “sugary snacks.”

In fact, the name change is actually a new name that has been made for a new label, and not a change made by the new FDA to reflect the new labeling.

“The name ‘healthful snack’ is used because it is a word that has a lot of health benefits, like being low in calories and cholesterol and having lots of nutrients,” said Dr. Robert W. Miller, who is a professor of nutrition and public health at New York University and the author of the new book, “The Sugar Monster.”

He told USA TODAY he is not sure why the FDA decided to use the name “healthy” instead of “sugar.”

Miller said he thinks it may be a coincidence that the FDA was making the change while the label was still being developed.

“It is an indication of how close the FDA is to the food industry,” he said.

What’s in the new health label?

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is also reviewing the new labels and will make a decision on whether to approve the new version sometime in 2018.

The agency did not provide any details about the findings of the research.

The U,S.

Food & Drug Administration says it’s still reviewing the findings, and said in a statement that it’s “considering whether to issue a final ruling on the labels.”

If the FDA approves the labels, the U,U.S., or FDA will release a public statement on the labeling.