When to eat popcorn for kids

A healthy snack for kids may be the key to enjoying a healthy meal at Target this weekend, as the chain will be featuring a new popcorn-filled menu at its Target Food Markets and Target Sports Cheerleaders locations.

Target will also have a new line of kids’ healthy snacks at Target Sports & Fitness in stores.

The new line, dubbed “healthy snacks,” features popcorn, candy, cookies and other healthy snacks, Target spokeswoman Megan Wojcicki said in a statement.

The new line also includes healthy snacks for children and kids ages 2 to 5.

“Target is committed to providing a healthier, more nutritious meal experience for all customers,” Wojcoik said.

“We’re excited to bring this new line to Target in the summer and expand our children’s offerings to include healthy snacks and snacks for families.”

Target announced its new healthy snacks line earlier this year and began testing them at stores on July 26.

Target Sports and Fitness will offer a new healthy snack line at stores this summer, and Target will start offering healthy snacks in select stores this fall.

Target’s new line will be available at Target Food Market locations starting July 25.

Target also has two more new lineups of kids snacks at stores starting this summer.

Target Kids will be offering a variety of snacks to kids ages 5 to 12 for the first time, as well as a variety at Target Kids Plus.

Target Kids Plus will be limited to 10-packs of 15-ounce popcorn.