Which are the best healthy snacks to keep at work?

Health conscious employers are increasingly making the decision to include healthy snacks in the workplace as part of a more flexible work culture.

Healthier snacks can help employees feel energised, calm, and reduce stress, according to the latest research from Deloitte.

Research conducted by Deloise found that healthy snacks are seen as an important component of a flexible work environment, particularly if they are easy to use and make employees feel more productive.

The findings from Delosie’s research show that employees tend to eat healthier snacks at work than non-healthful snacks.

Healthy snacks are more likely to be available in a cafeteria or store-front than at the workplace.

Deloitte found that employees who worked from home were more likely than those who worked in an office to eat healthy snacks at home.

A small majority of respondents in Deloiste’s study also reported they had used a healthy snack at work, compared to a smaller minority who said they had not.

The research also found that healthful snacks are also viewed as beneficial by employees.

Nearly a quarter of respondents said they believed that having a healthy meal is a necessary element of their job, compared with a smaller percentage who said the same about a healthy diet.

About six in 10 respondents (59 per cent) also believed that they would be more productive if they ate healthy snacks.

More than half (55 per cent), as well as 40 per cent of those who have been on a diet for more than three months, also said that eating healthy snacks is a good idea for them.

The researchers also found employees are more open to experimenting with new food choices.

“A healthy snack is more likely if it has a healthy flavour, it is made from low-fat, low-calorie foods and it is also packed with nutrients,” said Dr Sarah Gillingham, a research manager at Deloisie.

“It may also be a good choice if the food contains a variety of healthy ingredients.”

When we think of snacks, we tend to think of salty, sweet and savoury flavours, but we need to remember that this is just a taste.