How to get your popcorn a healthier snack

Is your popcorn getting too unhealthy?

Is it getting too salty?

Is the popcorn being served too salty or saltyty?

There are a lot of people who have a problem with their popcorn, but the ones who can’t help themselves from popping it in their mouth and taking a bite are usually the ones that need to eat it out of hand.

A new study published in the Journal of Food Protection found that people who take a bite out of a bag of popcorn and drink it can be getting a “bad” dose of salt and sugar, and that’s why the average person should only drink their popcorn out of its original wrapper and not consume the entire bag.

The study, which looked at the intake of flavonoids in different brands of popcorn, found that the average amount of flavanols in a bag was around 30% more than the amount in the original wrapper.

So, to get a healthier dose of flavanol, the researchers recommended taking a mouthful of popcorn with at least 30% flavanol content, which is what most people would be aiming for.

While this study focused on flavanoids, the authors also noted that there were other factors that may be involved in a person’s intake of flavorings, which might also explain why people may have a difficult time consuming their favorite foods with an overly salty or too salty bite.

This study isn’t the first to suggest that there’s a connection between excessive flavanol intake and a problem in the body.

A 2012 study published online in the journal Neurology found that a study published last year in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that frequent and prolonged intake of sweeteners was linked to a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which affects about 3 million Americans.

In addition, researchers have linked increased consumption of sugar to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

The takeaway: Be careful when you eat too much.