How to make your own Healthy Snack Box with your own ingredients

It’s the ultimate healthy snack box, with your name on it.

But you’ll need to get creative to get your own box, and this DIY guide will teach you how to get it all ready.

The box is made from plastic, paper, and foam.

It’s covered in a layer of cardboard.

You’ll need a couple of sheets of foam to put the box together.

Step 1.

Prepare the boxes.

Get all the ingredients you’ll be using in the box, such as your favourite snacks and vegetables, along with some extra ingredients such as water, butter and flour.

Step 2.

Preparing the ingredientsStep 1:Make the boxesStep 2:Roll out the cardboardStep 3:Cut out the top layer of the cardboard, to make it easy to cut out the sidesStep 4:Take the paper out of the boxStep 5:Cut the cardboard in halfStep 6:Pour the milk, butter, flour and salt into a mixing bowlStep 7:Mix the milk and butter togetherStep 8:Take a bowl, add a couple spoonfuls of the milk mixture, mix it all togetherStep 9:Take another bowl and add the flour and add more milkStep 10:Mix it all againStep 11:Add the remaining milk and mix it until you have a doughStep 12:Form the dough into a ballStep 13:Cut a small circle out of itStep 14:Make a hole in the dough and insert the tip of the dough insideStep 15:Take your box and fold the cardboard downStep 16:Cut two pieces of the top, to form the insideStep 17:Cut four pieces of cardboard to form two halvesStep 18:Take one of the halves and fold it overStep 19:Take both the halves that are folded over, and put them back togetherStep 20:Take two of the ends of the folded cardboard and put it back togetherYou’ll need two plastic bags to seal them, but you can make them bigger if you wantStep 21:Put the box on the tableStep 22:Take out the lidStep 23:Take off the plastic bagStep 24:Put a piece of paper over itStep 25:Take it off the box and put the lid back onStep 26:Repeat for all the boxesThe box will look like thisStep 27:Now cut the cardboard and glue it to the topStep 28:Take an ice-cream stick and put a piece insideStep 29:Put it in the freezerStep 30:Put two pieces into the freezer, one in the middle, and one in each of the edgesStep 31:Put another piece of plastic on top of the ice-ballStep 32:Put one of them on topStep 33:Put that ice-cap on the ice cream stickStep 34:Put on the lid and take it outStep 35:Take down the lid, and pour the rest of the frozen ice-milk mixture into the boxThis will make the box a little biggerStep 36:Put in the fridge for an hourStep 37:Take away the lidand the ice milk mixtureStep 38:Put all the plastic back on the boxOnce it’s all done, it will look something like thisYou can keep your box in the refrigerator for up to a monthStep 39:Take everything outStep 40:Put everything back inStep 41:Take apartStep 42:Take picturesStep 43:Put together the boxesYou’ll want to make a couple more boxes to make sure you have enough room for all your goodiesStep 44:The boxes should be sturdy enough to stand up to an adult eating the whole thing!

Step 45:You can buy some of these boxes online from the DIY box specialist Bread & Butter in the UK