The best healthy snacks from supermarkets

The best snacks from groceries in India, including healthy peanut butters, healthy snack bars, healthy gas station chips and healthier ice cream, have been made available at many convenience stores across the country, including Walmart.

In the country’s first year of demonetisation, more than 80 percent of the stores that had stock of healthy peanut and butter snacks sold out, according to a report from Mint.

“The food industry is trying to find a way to survive, as the price of goods in the economy has gone up, the market is shrinking, and it is not the right time for retailers to stock healthy foods,” a Walmart spokesperson said.

“It is time to take action to improve the availability of healthy snacks in India,” the spokesperson added.

Some brands have been selling out in the past few days.

In one case, the brand Kashi sold out in just two minutes on Saturday.

In another case, Samosas have also been selling at a loss.