When you’re on the go, how healthy snacks can help you stay healthy

Healthy snacks can be a great way to keep yourself feeling energized and healthy, according to a study published online today.

“While many people are not interested in shopping for healthy snacks as a way to lose weight, we do know that many of these snacks are essential for weight management and can also be a valuable source of energy for the brain,” lead author Emily Smith said in a statement.

For one, healthy snacks are an excellent source of calories.

Smith, an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said healthy snacks provide the body with a source of fuel that helps it burn more calories, including those consumed in the form of fat and protein.

Additionally, she said the body uses healthy snacks when it is trying to lose a pound or two a week.

One of the things that makes healthy snacks such a good way to help people lose weight is that they can be made at home, she added.

There are several healthy snacks that you can buy in the supermarket or at your local grocery store that are low in calories, which is especially helpful if you want to eat healthier as well, Smith said.

If you need more motivation to make healthy snacks, Smith recommended reading about the best ways to make nutritious snacks for your kids, including healthy snacks for kids at play, kids’ healthy snack snacks, and children’s healthy snack recipes.

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