A look at some of the top gluten free and healthy snacks on sale at Costco

The sport of running has long been synonymous with eating gluten free, but now the Costco chain is getting in on the act.

Costco is getting into the gluten free food game by adding gluten free snack and cereal bars to its popular healthy snacks.

A few of the new gluten free items on the market include the gluten-free and gluten-containing gluten-friendly gluten-filled and gluten free chocolate-covered bread, the gluten, gluten free cereal bars, and the gluten gluten-based bread.

The cereal bar and bread items have a gluten content of 10 percent gluten and a gluten free coating.

There are also a number of gluten free options available, including gluten free oats, gluten-Free soy, and gluten and gluten sensitive milk products.

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